Statistical Yearbook of Śląskie Voivodship 2023

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Date of publication: 29.12.2023

The publication provides information on the level and quality of society's life, economic conditions and natural environment of Śląskie Voivodship. Data is grouped into 21 thematic chapters. Additionally, information on the Delimitation of Rural Areas (DOW) in Śląskie Voivodship is provided in the form of an annex. Statistical tables were enriched with maps and charts. Due to the visualization of phenomena, the publication has an illustrative character while retaining its informative and cognitive function.

This year, the preliminary results of the National Population and Housing Census 2021 on the size and structure of the population and housing stock were presented. For the first time, information on the labour input on agricultural holdings based on the results of the Agricultural Census 2020 has been published. Compared to last year’s edition, the coverage of some data has changed, including information from the Labour Force Survey, compiled using the revised 2021 rules for determining categories of people in the labour market. In the same year, methodological changes were introduced in the agricultural surveys, as a result of which data have been presented without a breakdown by form of ownership.