When the pollster contacts us

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When the pollster calls

When the pollster of the Central Statistical Office calls in order to carry out the survey, you can:

+48 32 779 12 91- Questionnaire Surveys Divisions: Dorota Gwóźdź

A statistical pollster is an employee of the statistical office on the territory of the given voivodship. Most of the surveys are carried out by regular pollsters, for whom it is the only occupation within the framework of duties. In cases connected with overload of duties connected with carrying out the survey, there is a necessity to supply the network of regular pollsters with the so-called changeable pollsters. These are employees of statistical offices, who perform their main duties in the office, and when needed are transferred to work in the field. More frequently surveys are carried out using telephone lines. In such cases the interview with the respondent is carried out by telepollster.
A pollster visiting a respondent has an ID card and an authorization to conduct questionnaire surveys.

Who is a statistical pollster

Each pollster working in the field has an official identity card with a photo and authorization to carry out the survey specifying the subject, area and duration of the survey.
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Questionnaire Surveys

Within the research of official statistics the following surveys are conducted:

  • households,
  • retail prices of consumer and non-consumer goods and services and marketplace prices of major agricultural products,
  • agricultural.

Surveys are conducted all over the country. The implementation of research in various voivodships is coordinated by voivodship statistical offices, and the flats/households selected for surveys are visited by representatives of the voivodship network of pollsters.
Questionnaire surveys are sample surveys carried out in selected for testing households or farms representing the whole group of households in Poland.
A collection of selected households is called the sample for testing.
Survey of prices is carried out in 209 areas of the country, where the price and the level of their changes for more than 1,700 representatives in selected retail shops, catering facilities and service units located in the area of research are recorded.
Due to the frequency of the research the following are distinguished:

  • permanent research - is carried out in a continuous manner, for example, household budgets survey, survey on the headage of cattle, sheep, and poultry and livestock production, land use, retail prices of consumer goods and services survey
  • cyclic research - repeated periodically at specified intervals, for example, EU-SILC, SSI-10, EHIS, BSS, modular research
  • one-time research - conducted where appropriate, to collect statistical data on a field, a phenomenon or a process.

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