Demographic situation of Śląskie Voivodship in the years 2014–2018

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Date of publication: 31.07.2019

The publication is published for the first time as part of the series “Statistical analyses”. The thematic scope of the elaboration and the form of data presentation refers to the publication “Population, vital statistics and migration in Śląskie Voivodship”, published in the previous years. The publication contains data on the size and structure of the population, as well as demographic phenomena and processes taking place in Śląskie Voivodship in the years 2014–2018. The publication also presents the types of gminas of Śląskie Voivodship according to the degree of urbanisation (DEGURBA) and types of demographic development of powiats by the Webb’s classification. The elaboration consists of an analytical part enriched with a graphic presentation of selected issues in the form of maps and charts as well as methodological notes. The analysis of demographic data was carried out with the use of, i.a. classic measures of variability and differentiation in the distribution of characteristics. The publication is available on the website of the Statistical Office, together with a tabular part in the form of Excel tables.