Report on the socio-economic situation of śląskie voivodship in 2018

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Date of publication: 21.05.2019

Publication presents an analysis of occurrences relevant from the point of view of socio-economic development of Śląskie Voivodship concerning i.a. demography, labour market, wages and salaries, social benefits, prices, industry, construction, agriculture, internal market, financial results of non-financial enterprises. Each of the 14 thematic chapters includes a concise, analytic commentary enriched with tabular and graphic form of data presentation in the extended retrospection 2010-2018. Selected categories are presented in dynamic terms and in relation to the country. Some data are presented in the breakdown by subregions and powiats for a more complete illustration of territorial differentiation. What is more, Śląskie Voivodship is presented on the background of the country and on the background of other voivodships. At the beginning of the publication, basic tendencies in social and economic areas are described. The entire publication is completed by the general notes at the end. The Annex to the Report is composed of review tables presenting selected information on Śląskie Voivodship in 2005, 2010 and 2012-2018 and selected data by months of 2017 and 2018.