Report on the socio-economic situation of Śląskie Voivodship 2022

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Date of publication: 20.05.2022

An analytical publication developed for the purposes of monitoring the strategic goals included in the National Strategy of Regional Development 2030. The objective scope of the publication allows for an effective identification of the development needs of the Voivodship and supports regional analyses carried out in order to monitor the assumptions of public policy. Statistical data is presented in several thematic chapters characterising area and territorial division of the Voivodship, state of the environment, social potential including human capital and the quality of life of inhabitants, broadly understood economy including gross domestic product, economic situation, entrepreneurship, production and services as well as finances of local government units.

The analytical part of the publication was preceded by an executive summary of basic tendencies occurring in social and economic areas. Selected categories of data are presented in dynamic terms as well as in relation to the whole country. The analytical commentary was enriched with the tabular and graphic form of data presentation in the extended time retrospection 2010-2021. For a more complete picture of the territorial diversity, selected statistical information is presented at the level of powiats and gminas. An important part of the Report are also review tables containing selected data on Śląskie Voivodship and Katowice in 2010-2021 and on cities with powiat status for the last available year.